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Our company

Harem S.A.S. born from the desire of two friends to appreciate the Italian food in the world.
Results in the first web site Italian Food & Wine that is responsible for selling large quantities of products.
We attend many trade shows in the food going to hunt down and selecting most of the other craft products as flavors and production can satisfy our customers abroad.
We select the most varied foods, extra virgin olive oils, wines and try to appreciate the typical products of our island where we originate, capers, caper and raisin dervati.
Along with this comes another site for the online purchase of some commercial products.
Our company operates on the island highly tourist decides to engage in another
assets under management by taking a small hotel with twelve rooms.
The response of our clientala arrives immediate and positive, it passes a year and we try again for the second.
The Blue Moon Hotel reflects what are the demands of our customers and for business or calling for a peaceful holiday in Pantelleria.
Last news but not the last effort, we decided to put our brand on some typical products of Pantelleria.
Capers, pates, sauces, jams, extra virgin olive oil, Raisin, Vinegar, Raisins, and much more slowly.
Hopefully we can meet the demands of our customers who know the island and those who want to enjoy our flavors, providing high quality handmade product, all at an affordable price.
Choose them from the ones you find here online and consult often because we will always introduce new features.

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